Art and Photography

Art & Photography

  • Mrs D Houghton BA (Hons)
  • Mrs U Feldner BA
  • P Edgley ARPS

The Art Department at Christ College prides itself on promoting the creativity and imagination of our students, from key stage 3 to sixth form. Each year we have a substantial percentage of our students going on to study portfolio based courses such as architecture, fashion photography, animation, graphics and fine art. They are given expert support in their portfolio applications which are invariably received with success.

The Facilities.

Our facilities are both characterful and practical, giving students every opportunity to experiment in a range of disciplines and in a creative environment. The light filled art block is situated in a listed building overlooking the river, which accommodates both classrooms and sixth form studio spaces. The recently updated design block is nearby and provides specialist teaching spaces. There is a large workshop area for sculpture, textiles and ceramics. The photography classrooms have a suite of mac’s and two fully equipped and specially adapted photography studio spaces as well as a darkroom.

The Courses

Our staff provide a varied range of specialisms, from printmaking, painting, textiles and sculpture to photography.

Lower School

The Lower school have a generous allocation of lessons which allows them experience a rich and exciting variety of techniques, with strong drawing skills at the core of each project. Textiles, painting, printmaking and sculpture are all part of the curriculum. Do peruse the attached link to Keystage 3 images to see examples of the students work.


We teach OCR Fine Art and OCR photography. The courses are structured to provide a firm foundation of skills and techniques from which the pupils can expand and explore their own ideas and outcomes. Workshops and trips are provided throughout the course to explore new approaches. Weekly after school periods as well as Sunday studios give additional support. See examples of GCSE work attached.

Fine Art and Photography GCSE course structure:

Coursework (60%)

Pupils complete two themed practical coursework projects. This takes them up to the end of the Michealmas term in year 11.

Exam (40%)

Students choose a theme from the exam paper in the Lent term of Year 11. They do their preparation work for this and then complete the final outcome in a 10 hour exam in the summer term.

Further details of the Syllabus are available on: A Level Fine Art/Photography The Students follow a two year A level course in either Fine Art or Photography.

Year 1 This provides students with a firm foundation of skills, techniques and ideas. It is a structured course, with visiting artist’s workshops, a residential trip to London galleries and critical study tutorials. Students will start their coursework portfolio in the final term.

Year 2

Coursework (60%) This is in the form of a personal portfolio with a final outcome in addition to a written study which links with the practical work. This will be completed in early February

Exam (40%) Students will choose a theme from the exam paper which they will receive in February. They will do their preparation work before completing their final outcome in a 15 hour exam.

Further details of the Syllabus are available on: level/art-and-design-suite Do peruse the examples of art and photography images provided.