Bannau House


Bannau House is the school’s newest house set up to cater for day girls AND DAY-BOARDING GIRLS from Year 9 up to 6th Form. The house provides a friendly, spacious environment for girls to use throughout the day. 


As you begin your time in Bannau you are sure to find much excitement and some challenges. Remember to share your experiences, triumphs and concerns as you can guarantee that someone in the house will be feeling exactly the same.

Bannau Staff

Housemistress – Ms Amanda Golding will be responsible for the house. Her partner Chris and her two daughters will often appear in the house, particularly as the family live in the house next door.

Tutors – We have a tutor team of two tutors this year who are looking forward to meeting you. Mrs Liz McLean – Head of Languages, Mrs Ruth Allen, Head of Teaching and Learning.

You will meet with your house tutor on a weekly basis and periodically you will have a review of grades and your tutor will discuss with you, set targets and help you with any academic issues you may have. Each tutor will be duty once or twice a week so you will get to know them very quickly.

Housekeeping – Sylvia our housekeeper will come to the house everyday to help keep the house clean and tidy.

Daily Routine


When you arrive at school come to the house to put your bag and books at your desk. Check the notice board for any notices relevant to yourself.  Make yourself at homeand make sure you are ready for the school day until registration.


Registration is at 8:15am and 1:15pm  It will take place promptly in the common room at 8:15 every morning and at 1:15 (for years 9 - 11) in the afternoon. It is required by law and in the very short registration period a check of attendance will take place and notices will be given. If you are slightly late for registration it is vital that you must inform a member or staff.

Day-Boarders will go to tea at 6pm and return to the house to begin supervised prep by 7pm where they will work until 8pm. 

There's lots more to find out about Bannau House, and if you would like more information on what it is like to be a day pupil in the senior years (yr 9 upwards) at Christ College then please don't hesistate to contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Margaret Stephens for more information on 01874 615440 or email