At Christ College, we recognise that Basketball is not only fun to play! It's fun to watch too! It's one of those sports which offers everything- fun, friends and fitness. Regardless of age, ability or fitness level, Basketball offers many physical and mental health benefits.

PHYSICAL FITNESS - Basketball provides pupils with a wonderful opportunity for an aerobic and cardiovascular workout.  The sport allows pupils to exercise their joints and muscles as they rapidly change directions, and with increased strength and flexibility comes increased speed and agility.

COORDINATION - Basketball is an all body sport. Your legs, feet, hands, arms, eyes, and head are in constant motion. As your skill in basketball improves, your overall coordination improves. With improved coordination comes better posture.

MENTAL STRENGTH - Basketball can be relaxing for those players who truly enjoy the game. Also, the intensity of physical activity associated with basketball are a great stress buster, because this type of workout causes the body to produce endorphins that leave the body and mind feeling uplifted.

Whether pupils are going out for a quick 'pick-up game' or are playing in fixtures against other school, basketball offers them so much.