• Miss SE Jones BSc (Head of Science Faculty)
  • Mr MP Sims BSc
  • Mrs EL Blatt BSc
  • Ms V Maguire (Science Lab Technician)

The courses offered provide the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of Biology through the study of fundamental biological principles whilst exploring modern applications of Biology. The courses provide an appropriate foundation for further study of Biology or related subjects in higher education.

FORMS 4 & 5 (Years M10 & M11) - KEY STAGE 4

Pupils study AQA GCSE Biology (8461) – this is a linear qualification (first exams June 2018)  

Subject content:

Paper 1

  • Cell Biology
  • Organisation
  • Infection and Response
  • Bioenergetics  

Paper 2

  • Homeostasis and Response
  • Inheritance, Variation and Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Key Ideas  

Pupils sit 2 exam papers, each 1hr 45mins.  Both contain multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response questions.  Both papers are of equal weighting i.e. 50% of GCSE and are available at both Foundation and Higher Tier.


FORM 6 (Years 12 & 13) – A LEVEL SCHEMES OF WORK

Pupils study OCR A level Biology A.   

At AS level (H020), there are 4 modules:  

  1. Development of practical skills in Biology
  2. Foundations in Biology
  3. Exchange and Transport
  4. Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease  

Pupils are assessed on the “Breadth” and “Depth” of their subject knowledge.  These exam papers are both 1hr 30mins and are of equal weighting i.e. 50% of the AS grade overall.

  There are 2 additional modules to cover at A level (H420):  

  1. Communication, Homeostasis and Energy
  2. Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems  

All A level modules (1-6) are examined across 3 written papers:  

  • Biological Processes (2hr 15mins – 37% of A level)
  • Biological Diversity (2hr 15mins – 37% of A level)
  • Unified Biology (1hr 30mins) – 26% of A level  

Pupils are also internally assessed on their practical competency.  If successful, a “pass” will be certified in recognition of these skills.