Christ College's Admissions Policy

Christ College is a selective, co-educational day and boarding school. The school accepts pupils for their secondary education, preparing them for GCSEs in the first instance, and subsequently, subject to the acquisition of at least 6 A*-C grades at GCSE, for A levels.

For details about entry into our Junior School, St Nicholas House, please click here.

The standard points of entry into the senior school are at 11+ (Year L7), 13+ (Year M9) and 16+ (Lower 6th). Consideration will always be given to pupils of other ages, but only exceptionally will a pupil be offered a place to join the school in the Fifth Form (Year M11) or the Upper Sixth (Lower Sixth).

The youngest pupils usually join Christ College's senior school at 11 years old, and other pupils usually join the appropriate year group for their chronological age. Consideration will be given to exceptionally able and mature 10 year olds whose families wish them to join Year L7. The school will also consider, in discussion with families and agents, pupils who for reasons of competence in the English language or other specific difficulties might be happier or more successful in a year group where they are older than their peers.

The dates of entrance tests, scholarships and offers of places will comply with prevailing HMC guidelines. HMC guidelines also govern the protocols for the transfer of pupils from one school to another.

Prior to entry, all parents considering the school are encouraged to visit. Such a visit typically involves a tour of the school with a senior pupil and meetings with the Head and a Houseparent. Prospective pupils themselves are also encouraged to spend a day at the school, with or without an overnight stay, to experience the atmosphere and routine of the school at first hand. Many families visit on several occasions before a pupil joins the school, and this is welcomed.

Entry at 11+ and at 13+ is based on satisfactory performance in tests in English and Mathematics, an IQ test, a school reference or report and an interview with the Head and the Director of Studies.

Entry at 16+ is based on GCSE predictions, a school reference or report, an IQ test, and an interview with the Head and the Director of Studies. Overseas pupils may be considered without a formal interview. Pupils sitting GCSEs are expected to achieve at least 6 GCSE passes at A*-C grade. Pupils not sitting GCSEs are expected to sit a Maths test and, for those with English as a second language, an English proficiency test.

Scholarships are awarded on merit at 11+, 13+ and 16+. These scholarships may not exceed a total of 50% of the fees. A full list of the scholarships available, and the criteria for the awarding of scholarships, can be obtained from the Admissions Registrar or from the school's website. Decisions about scholarships are made by the Head, on recommendations from the Director of Studies, and from other relevant staff such as the Directors of Sport and Music.

Bursaries are available to assist families with limited means. These are awarded on the basis of need. Pupils are considered to be in need of bursary support if their circumstances specifically indicate that they would gain particular benefit from attending Christ College rather than a maintained local school, and if the family's financial circumstances indicate need. These circumstances must be declared in full on the relevant form, available from the Bursary. Decisions about bursary support are made by a Concessions Committee, including governors, the Head and the Bursar, to ensure consistency and fairness.

Bursaries are reviewed annually, and parents are expected to declare any changes in financial circumstances as they arise.

Scholarships are expected to apply for the duration of a pupil's time at school, subject to satisfactory effort and attitude from the pupil. If a pupil's effort and/or attitude is considered unsatisfactory, a warning will be given, and if no improvement is observable the scholarship may be withdrawn.

Candidates with disabilities can be considered for entry to Christ College in line with the school's Disability Access policy, which can be obtained from the school office on request.

Before a pupil can be considered for entry a Registration Form and Conditions of Entry must be completed. Once a place has been offered and firmly accepted in writing, the place is held for that pupil and contractual obligations apply as detailed in the Conditions of Entry.

Once a pupil has been accepted to the school parents may express a preference as to which House they would like their child to enter. The school will consider all such requests carefully and endeavour to meet them, subject to the availability of a suitable day or boarding place in the relevant House. However, no guarantee can be given in advance of house allocation. If no preference is expressed the school will allocate the pupil to a House. Requests to change House are rare, but will be given due consideration depending on the reasons for the request and the availability of a place in the relevant House.

The school will consider applications from Overseas Agents on behalf of pupils. Overseas Agents recommending pupils to the school are made aware of the entry procedures.

In all matters relating to admissions to Christ College the Head's decision is final.

Gareth Pearson
Head of Christ College