De Winton House

(Girls’ Boarding and Day House for pupils in Year M9 to Upper Sixth)

In 1985, after a long history as a successful boys' school, Christ College went co-educational in the Sixth Form and de Winton House was built with that purpose in mind. Then in 1995 the school started to take girls from the age of 11 and at that point de Winton changed its role, becoming home to girls from the age of 13 upwards. It was extended during the summer of 2006.

De Winton is located in the centre of the school and has extensive views of the beautiful sports’ fields and surrounding countryside. Currently de Winton is home to 50 girls, being a mix of boarders and day boarding pupils. The majority of the accommodation comprises single study bedrooms, although there are a number of larger rooms, which are arranged to accommodate up to three of the younger girls. Whilst most pupils do their prep in their study bedrooms many prefer to work together in our downstairs communal study. The de Winton girls have a large common room, with SKY TV, table football and two conservatories to relax in or spend some quiet time reading.  They also have a shared kitchen to prepare snacks and drinks and a laundry area where they can begin to develop the necessary domestic skills to look after themselves when they leave school.

De Winton girls are encouraged to be an integral part of school life and take the lead whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or in any of the many other activities that Christ College has to offer.  Girls are encouraged to help and respect one another at all times, with good communication between pupils and House staff seen as absolutely vital to creating a warm, friendly atmosphere in which all can prosper.

From September 2015, Mrs Suzy Phelps has become the new Housemistress of de Winton, assisted by her husband, Dr Dominic Phelps. Mrs Phelps and her experienced and dedicated team of House Tutors, will all contribute to the various aspects of a happy and successful boarding house.  De Winton girls will be supported academically and pastorally at all times and encouraged to make the most of opportunities and to set their own aims high.  To support the House Staff we also have a Head of House and a team of House Prefects, who are selected from the Upper 6th Form and many of whom have been in de Winton for many years. The Head of House, this year being Miss Katie de Winton, is responsible for helping to oversee the day-to-day running of the House, liaising with the Housemistress and tutors and being on hand to deal with any problems, concerns or queries that the girls may have.

De Winton is a community, a place whose whole is stronger than its parts and a home for its girls, where they can make memories and friendships that can last forever.


  • Mrs S Phelps & Dr D Phelps, Houseparents Tel: 01874 615451/07792008125
  • Miss S Jones, Assistant Houseparent
  • Mrs U Feldner, Tutor
  • Mrs J Hope, Tutor
  • Mrs D Houghton, Tutor
  • Miss Y Guillin, Resident Assistant