Middle School (Years 9-11) - The GCSE Curriculum and Choices

As a school, we try to provide a great deal of flexibility and choice at GCSE. For some, this will be a welcome opportunity to focus on those subjects they really love or where they have a natural aptitude. For others, the choice may seem rather bewildering.

The freedom to make choices is an exhilarating one; pupils are able to begin shaping their own futures and building on their strengths. The decisions made now will shape the next set of choices and GCSE results have a very well-established influence on success in university applications, so it is important to choose wisely and to maximise the chances of success.

There is a wealth of experience and wisdom available here at Christ College, particularly from the Deputy Head (Academic) and the Head of Careers, but also from those who know the pupils best; their Houseparents and tutors. If any pupil or parents would like to come in and talk to directly about choices, please contact the Deputy Head (Academic), Mr David Bush, via david.bush@christcollegebrecon.com.

Christ College has produced a booklet which has been is designed to help you to make informed choices about your GCSE subject choices for the forthcoming academic year.

The booklet contains the following;

  • information on the individual subjects and the Examination Boards;
  • the knowledge and skills you will develop on the courses;
  • how the course is structured;
  • what type of pupil the course will appeal to;

To download a booklet in pdf, please click on download below.

GCSE Subject Information and Options 2017-19

For further information contact the Deputy Head Academic, Mr David Bush, via david.bush@christcollegebrecon.com.