Years J5 & J6

Academic studies throughout Years J5 and J6 are complemented by a diverse programme of sporting and cultural activities which give a breadth of experience to pupils, offering them opportunities to enjoy new pursuits and develop additional skills.

Most Science lessons are delivered in Christ College’s Hubert Jones Science Centre. The Science Department aims to develop sophisticated understanding through first-hand experience whilst maintaining a balance between academic rigour and having fun.

Homework increases as your child progresses through Years J5 and J6 and attainment levels are carefully monitored to ensure your child will have really fulfilled their academic potential before leaving St Nicholas House.

Teamwork and individual excellence are a focus for development in J5 and J6 during PE and Games lessons. Your child will benefit from the extensive facilities here, and from expert coaching from experienced sports staff. We ensure as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to play for a team.

A particular highlight for J6 will be performing in the St Nicholas House Summer Production involving every member of the Junior Section.

Music features strongly in the life of the St Nicholas House pupils and we hope many of the pupils in J5 and J6 will have an opportunity to join the St Nicholas House Choir, play with an Orchestra or one of several smaller ensembles. Your child could take advantage of individual tuition from the visiting music teachers, achieving much success in the Associated Board examinations.  Opportunities for playing and performing are available at various times throughout the school year with pupils performing at formal and informal concerts, Inter-House Music competitions as well as in the local community.

Before their transition into the Senior School, pupils will have the option of taking part in residential trips too, including an overnight stay in London.

All of this will help to develop qualities which cannot be defined by academic success: inter-personal skills, team spirit, leadership potential, self-awareness and mental and physical stamina, preparing them for the experiences that life in the Senior School will bring.

Looking ahead to Alway House and the Senior School


By the end of their time at the Junior School, we will endeavour to ensure your child will have acquired a real enthusiasm for their academic studies, having also become a confident, self-reliant young person possessing high personal self-esteem and strong Christian moral and social principles.

The advantage of the close liaison between the Senior School and the Junior School ensures pupils are offered a degree of progression, continuity and educational opportunity not usually available elsewhere.

Transition into Alway House and the Senior School from St Nicholas House will not normally require an Entrance Exam. However, if there are concerns about the suitability of the Senior School for your child, we will of course discuss this with you at the earliest possible opportunity.