An Overview

There is a wide range of sport and activities available outside of the classroom, organised and run enthusiastically by specialist sports staff and members of the teaching staff. As well as the afternoon games programme there are sporting, cultural, and creative pastimes to give pupils a positive, active, and constructive approach to leisure time.

Sport plays a very important role in the life of our pupils at Christ College. For a small co-educational school we compete in a large number of sports throughout the school year and the overall standard is very high indeed. The school year is split into three terms; Michaelmas, Lent and Summer, with each term having a major sport.

 Term Boys' Major Sports  Girls' Major Sports
 Michaelmas Term  Rugby  Netball & Hockey
 Lent Term

 Rugby Sevens, Hockey

& Football

 Hockey & Netball
 Summer Term  Cricket, Golf, Tennis & Athletics  Cricket, Tennis, Golf & Athletics


 Tues  Weds Fri   Sat
 Badminton Aerobics  Aerobics  Basketball 
 Canoeing Badminton  Canoeing  Canoeing 
 Cross-Country Canoeing  Fitness  Fitness 
 Fitness Cross-Country  Girls Hockey  Girls Hockey 
 Girls Hockey Fitness  Rugby  Golf 
 Rugby Girls Hockey  Shooting  Rugby 
 Squash Golf Soccer  Tennis
   Horse Riding Squash  Soccer 
   Mountain Biking Tennis  Squash 
   Rugby Swimming 


In the Michaelmas Term the boys play Rugby and the girls play Hockey and Netball. We also compete in Cross-Country for both boys and girls. We regularly put out six Rugby teams and have boys playing for district sides.  The girls play Hockey at U12 upwards, usually fielding up to 6 teams in block fixtures, and compete in U16 tournaments too. They play fixtures on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the Winter Terms.

Netball is also a very popular sport with each year group having its own team, and we compete in local leagues as well as the County Championships. Both the Hockey and Netball teams have achieved National & Regional Champion status in recent years at multiple levels.

In the Lent Term the boys play Hockey, Football and Rugby Sevens and the girls play Hockey and Netball.  Boys hockey teams come to the fore in this term having won at National & Regional levels.

In the Summer Term we play Cricket, Tennis and Golf,  and also compete in Athletics. Cricket is a major game for boys and girls and again we play matches on most Saturdays.  Besides Cricket we have a number of county and national athletes who compete in the County Championships and go on to represent Wales at various age groups. 

Besides the major team sports of each term we offer a wide range of sporting activities, so that all pupils can be catered for and also perform to a level with which they are happy without feeling under pressure.

"Christ College is 100% committed to helping us be the best that we can be!"

 In addition to the main team sports we also offer Athletics, Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Canoeing, Climbing, Squash, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Mountain-Biking , Fell-Running and Cross-Country - a sport where we regularly produce international runners and also compete in road races, triathlon and national events.

"In a small school, everyone's contribution is important - the team is everything!"

Our facilities are regularly upgraded and improved and our "Hazell's" Astroturf has proved tobe a great asset for our hockey teams. Our fitness suite is a superb facility and very popular with pupils and staff helping to improve their all-round strength and fitness levels. We also have three squash courts and the Sports Hall, where we play badminton, volleyball, five-a-side and hold indoor winter cricket nets. The Sports Hall also houses the climbing wall and weight training area.

Outside facilities in the 40 acres of ground includes six rugby pitches, three cricket squares (the main square having been re-laid), four hard court tennis courts, three netball courts and a further nine tennis courts and three netball courts available on the Astroturf, plus three artificial cricket nets and five grass.

Sports Scholarships/Awards
As part of commitment to maintain the highest standards as well as to reward outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm, Christ College offers a range of Sports Scholarships and Awards. These are awarded annually to pupils joining Year L7, M9 and Sixth Form.

  • Criteria - Sports Awards are open to boys and girls from any school. We are looking for pupils who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. Successful candidates are likely to be of County or Regional standard or above in at least one sport. They will also respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills, whether by example or captaincy. Sports Award holders should have exceptional talent in one or more sports, normally at least two. Preference will normally be given to those involved in the School's representational games. Award holders will be expected to be good ambassadors and to demonstrate a willingness to contribute fully to the sporting and general life of the school.
  • Process - Candidates are assessed annually on a date published by the school. Candidates are asked, ahead of the assessment day, to provide a brief sporting CV outlining their achievements to date with a written reference (from a club, county or regional coach or Head of PE, for example. The assessment will consist of:
    • a series of physical tests;
    • an interview with a member of the Games staff to discuss the sporting CV and ambitions of the candidate;
    • an interview with the Head;
    • an Academic entrance test.

Sporting Awards are worth between 10% and 20% of the school fees. At 11+ awards rarely exceed 20% but a candidate may be entered again at 13+ if their progress and potential are considered great enough. There is no expectation to study PE at GCSE or A level to hold a Sports Award. For details of the Assessment Days, please click here.

"If you are keen on sport, you will certainly enjoy the sporting experience at Christ College. Sporting opportunities are available every day. Sport is played at every level and is the heartbeat of the school." 

Activities take place throughout the week, and pupils attend the activities that most interest them and that they can fit into their busy schedules. Some activities are extensions of the games programme, and make use of facilities or coaching expertise that may not be available in the usual games times. Activities such as Fencing, Basketball, or Canoeing are in this category.

Pupils in Years L7-M9 are expected to have a full activity programme; as pupils have more academic pressures and coursework then allowance is made for that, though the benefits of pursuing enjoyable hobbies and pastimes are never forgotten. 

All of Years M9-M11 take part in the school’s Combined Cadet  Force on a   Thursday afternoon, and the majority of Year M10 begin the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The Army and Air Force sections of the CCF give the pupils the chance for outward bound activities, helicopter and fixed-wing flying, and weekend expeditions in the Brecon Beacons.


Sport and activities at Christ College are about participation, commitment, organisation, and (most of all) about having fun!