Physical Education

Physical Education

  • Miss R Mankee BSc

Physical Education is compulsory at KS3, with all pupils having at least 1 x 35 minute lessons per week. At KS3 pupils follow a variety of activities which make use of the school facilities but which do not replicate the Games programme too much. Pupils will experience: gymnastics, basketball, badminton, Health Related Fitness, athletics, short tennis, tennis, squash and minor games. In addition, pupils have two timetabled games lessons of 70 minutes where they are introduced to, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Hockey and Rounders.

At KS4, GCSE is available following the EDUQAS specification. Pupils are allocated two 70minute blocks of lesson per week. Pupils are required to take one written exam worth 60% of their total GCSE course. They are also assessed as an active participant in a three different sports; at least one as an individual and one team sport. Pupils will further be assessed through a written analysis and evaluation of their personal performance in one of the three sports. 

At KS5 A-Level the OCR specification is followed. Pupils are allocated 8x35minute lessons most of which are taught in 70minute blocks. Pupils will sit written exams and be assessed in one practical sport. The written exams will cover Anatomy and Physiology, Sport Psychology and Sociological Issues. In addition, pupils are also required to complete an Evaluation and Analysis of performance for improvement. This can be in a sport different to the one that they have chosen to be practically assessed in.

Trips to local Universities provide A-Level students with the opportunity to see some of the more physiological topics in practice. Such as, VO2 max testing.