Mrs R Goodrich MA


Psychology is an A Level Subject Option at Christ College. It is the science of human behaviour. Studying the subject involves investigating the mind, something intangible that exists within our brain: an unseen process of enzymes, chemicals and electric currents. You will look at questions like why people suffer from stress or mental illness, or why some people are considered abnormal for deviating from social norms.

Psychology is a fascinating science with cutting edge research that has real world applications. The course will also help you develop a wide skill base as it will involve analytical thinking, problem solving, data analysis and interpretation as well as critical reasoning skills, so should complement a wide range of other subject choices.

The Course

Whether you are studying for the AS or A Level your first year will cover the same topic areas.

Component 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology, including Social Influence, Memory and Attachment.

Component 2: Psychology in Context, including Approaches in Psychology, Psychopathology and Research Methods.

In addition to the topics studied alongside AS students listed above, the following topics will be explored for the full A Level:

Biopsychology and Issues and Debates in Psychology.

You will also complete a third component where you will get an in-depth understanding of Human Relationships, Aggression and Stress.

This A level would suit candidates who:

  • Want to understand more about the way people think. ·     
  • Are interested in a career in any of the care services, marketing or human resources.     
  • Would enjoy the opportunity to carry out their own psychological research projects
  • Have good literacy and written communication as the subject requires extended essay writing.
  • Have good numeracy skills as the course requires a significant amount of data analysis and interpretation.