Religious Studies

Religious Studies

  • M Cornish MA
  • REVd R Allen BA (Hons)

GCSE Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

“Philosophy and Ethics is becoming a hot subject as pupils look for answers to problems in today's uncertain world. And it's not just believers who are switching on.” 
 The Independent

Are you the sort of person that is interested in:

  • what other people believe?
  • what other people think? (Year M11 Philosophy)
  • developing your critical thinking and debating skills?
  • developing cross-cultural  interests through trips,  visitors and conferences?

Ethics relates to the study of moral judgment  and what is right and wrong, good and bad.

  • Is cloning animals and humans ever right?
  • How can we rehabilitate young offenders?
  • Is the death penalty wrong?
  • What are different religious attitudes towards drugs and world poverty?

Philosophy literally means a love of wisdom, is the study of seeking knowledge and wisdom in understanding the nature of the universe.

  • Is God real?
  • Who or what is God?
  • What are the best arguments for and against God’s existence?
  • Do evolution and the big bang theories challenge or complement religion?
  • Are their answers to the problems of evil and suffering in the world?

A Level Religious Studies 

This course involves the study of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. Unlike Philosophy and Ethics courses at GCSE, the AS/A level concentrates on studying, debating and enquiring into ethical issues and ultimate questions. Students will be expected to analyse and evaluate some of the greatest philosophical arguments that have been debated and contested over thousands of years.

Exam board: We have chosen to deliver the AQA specification, as it offers a range of  interesting, relevant and challenging topics, from Ancient Greek Philosophy to Applied Ethical Issues, including the most recent technological dilemmas.