The Christ College School Uniform

The Christ College School Uniform

At Christ College all pupils are encouraged to strive for the highest standards of appearance, orderliness, and co-operation. The school’s principles and rules reflect this, as everyone associated with the school community would expect, and school uniform continues to be an important feature within our principles and identity.

One characteristic of a successful school is an identifiable ethos and sense of belonging: school uniform is one factor in reinforcing this, and assists in creating self-belief and pride, particularly when a school has an image and history to be proud of. The practical issues are well documented and the rationale well rehearsed on all fronts; Christ College is certainly responsive to parental concerns about the cost of school uniform and to pupils’ wishes for clothing that reflects modern trends. The changing effects and demands of fashion do filter into what children wear to school and always will, not least in the area of sports kit, where change is rapid and almost irresistible.

This only touches on the issues and debate about school uniform - something Christ College reviews regularly. Ultimately, we feel that school uniform is a good thing for our institution. Corporate or community identity and pride are not restricted to schooldays, but have a particular place in school; we feel that our pupils will leave with a special sense of that, and of the colours and crests that mark their time here in Brecon.

All uniform items are to be purchased through

Samples of the various uniform items will be held in school and pupils will be able to try these in order to ascertain the size required.  Appointments can be made to try on items by contacting Mrs Marianne Lewis on 01874 615440 or by email  Please note these sessions are ran by appointment only, Tuesday mornings 9-12 or Thursday afternoons 2-4pm.

To avoid confusion, any Schoolblazer deliveries sent to school must be clearly addressed to the pupil and their house.  We will also assist in any returns if necessary. 

We also have a second-hand uniform shop, open on a Wednesday at break-time.  We try to stock most items of uniform apart from school shirts.

If you think your child's uniform is in good condition and worth selling please get in touch with or pop it in to the main office in school.

  We charge a 25% handling charge on sales in the second-hand shop but the remainder can either be returned to yourself or donated to your chosen house.  Items are priced according to their age and condition.

Current school uniform lists are available in the Parents section of the website.