St. David’s House

(Boys’ Boarding and Day House for pupils in Year M9 to Upper Sixth)

St. David's House is situated on the outskirts of the main school. The less-than-five-minute walk away from the school 'Quadrangle' gives the house its unique element of detachment, which many of the students enjoy. The building itself was constructed in the second half of the nineteenth century and was originally a 'workhouse'. It was then converted into an old people's home after the Second World War. The College acquired the property in 1991 foreseeing the outstanding potential it had as a boarding house.

In the past few years the College has worked diligently to refurbish the house. The house now offers a stylish, well-decorated, spacious abode for its sixty something students. St. David's is one of the three senior boys' boarding houses, accommodating boys aged from 13 to 18.

All Upper Sixth pupils have a room of their own. Many of the Lower Sixth are also similarly accommodated but there are larger double rooms for those who wish to share. The House has two spacious, comfortable junior dormitories, which accommodate the third and fourth years. The fifth year share in rooms of three. The half a dozen day boys in the house also have excellent study areas.

There are more shower and toilet facilities than in any other house in the school. There are kitchens in which students are encouraged to develop their culinary skills under the careful guidance of the house parents. The house also offers a number of other leisure facilities. To go along with the ample grounds around the House there is a games room, which contains pool, air hockey and table-tennis tables.

There is also a common room, which has a television, with Sky TV; video and DVD recorders. A unique feature of the house is its conservatory 'quiet room' where students are encouraged to read from St David's own built up library or just 'chill'.

Living on the St. David's premises is the Assistant Houseparent Mr Lovering,  a team of tutors are also involved in assisting the boys in the house. As a team they offer all the essential requirements for providing a very strong and solid family ethos within the house where all students are encouraged and supported in developing all their talents and skills.


  • Mr J T Cooper Tel. 01874 625177/07979 695441
  • Mr R Lovering, Assistant Houseparent
  • Mr P Chandler, Tutor
  • Mr L Morgan, Tutor
  • Mr M McMillan, Tutor