Support for Years 7 -11

The Futures Department aims to provide a complete guidance and advice service to all pupils appropriate to their age, so that they can make informed choices about their futures and have a richer education. Obviously we do not act alone, but rely on the support of many Christ College stakeholders to achieve this. We would especially like to work more collaboratively with parents and have closer cooperation and communication with them. We have therefore produced an outline of the careers education that we have in place for this year for your information.

The Futures Department is open to all pupils and they can make an appointment to speak to Mr Chandler for specific careers guidance if they wish, but they will receive the following programme as a minimum. As pupils move up through the school they will have more input directly from Mr Chandler and have more specific opportunities and guidance.

Years 7 & 8

In the Alway years the Futures Department's involvement is mainly through supporting house tutors and through the school’s PSE programme. Topics such as the transition from primary school to secondary school, describing talents, interests, skills and achievements will form the basis of the programme. Pupils will describe their attitudes and preferences to work, learning, finance, leisure and lifestyle. In Form 2 they will start to recognise and challenge prejudicial attitudes to learning and work and respect equality of opportunity.

Year 9

All pupils will receive an introduction to the Careers Department. Pupils will register with Fast Tomato and be able to build up their online profile. GCSE choices will form part of the careers guidance offered. Pupils will learn to identify where they are gaining the key skills for work (problem solving, communication, working with others) and the types of work that people do.

Year 10

Careers Guidance now becomes more focused. Pupils can request a half hour interview with Mr Chandler. They can have an additional interview from career specialists if required, for example with a representative of the Armed Forces or ISCO (the Independent Schools Careers Organisation). Careers records will be available to tutors for further discussion. 

Year 11

I.S.C.O.'s futurewise scheme is offered to pupils for psychometric testing and enhanced careers guidance as an optional extra [] and all pupils receive an interview to discuss A-level options. Specialist interviews are again available. Please note we do not offer advice about courses outside of Christ College.

For more details please contact the Head of Futures, Paul Chandler, via