The Tutorial System

As well as being under the watchful care of their Houseparents, pupils at Christ College are assigned to their own dedicated Tutor.

Almost all teaching staff are Tutors in the boarding houses, and in the Houses each Tutor has between 10 and 16 tutees, all of whom are in the same year group in the House. Tutors assist Houseparents with the responsibility for the general welfare, organisation, and academic supervision of the pupils in the House; they share in the administration of the House and are a point of contact for pupils and parents associated with the House, supporting its members around the School, and being on duty at set times in the boarding house.

Tutors take a particular interest in their own tutees, meeting them as a Tutor group once each week, and individually as required. A pupil's tutor plays a key role in monitoring academic progress and setting targets to ensure that each individual achieves his or her potential.