An explanation of the school's Armorial Bearings and Motto

The creation of the Shield of Arms and Crest was instigated by Bishop Thomas and the Governing Body, and researched by the Windsor Herald at the College of Arms, in 1976.

The shield consists of a cross containing the letter 'h', surmounted by a crown, for King Henry VIII, and the cross of Bishop William Barlow. Barlow's lion serves as part of the Crest. The tower reference is to Eleanor of Castille, the earliest known benefactor to the Friary of St Nicholas. The lion has been crowned as a reference to the Royal Visitor of the College and holds a pike which is part of Bishop Lucy's Arms. As well as being one of the College's prominent benefactors, Bishop Lucy has given the school its 'ghost' and legend.

About the lion's shoulders is the red mantle, adopted from the Arms and Mayoralty of Brecon Town, from whence the school draws a significant number of its pupils. The Crest wreath runs around the Helm in white and green representing the Tudor livery colours; the green and gold of the mantling represent the royal foundation and are still used today as the first team colours. The school's everyday colours are to be seen in the blues of the mantling and the main cross.

The school motto of "Possunt Quia Posse Videntur" translated means "they achieve because they believe they can". Few school mottos can be more true of the overwhelming and pervading ethos of the school.